• On Science-Fiction

    I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it.

    I don't think I'm alone when I say I'd like to see more and more planets fall under the ruthless domination of our solar system.

    - Jack Handey, "Deep Thoughts"
  • In education as elsewhere, the broad primrose path leads to a nasty place.

    - A. N. Whitehead
  • A great war leaves the country with three armies: an army of cripples, an army of mourners, and an army of thieves.
  • English is a language that lurks in dark alleys, beats up other languages and rifles through their pockets for spare vocabulary.
  • True words are not beautiful,
    Beautiful words are not true.
  • Bishop of Bath and Wells: You fiend! Never have I encountered such corrupt and foul-minded perversity… Have you ever considered a career in the church? Blackadder: Yes, but I couldn't get used to the underwear.

    Blackadder the Second
  • What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.

    - Samuel Johnson
  • Terry Pratchett

    That seems to point up a significant difference between Europeans and Americans. A European says: "I can't understand this, what's wrong with me?" An American says: "I can't understand this, what's wrong with him?"

    "It's still a lie. Like the lie about masks."
    "What lie about masks?"
    "The way people say they hide faces."
    "They do hide faces."
    "Only the one on the outside."

  • Balzac a dit:

    Mes avis sur vos relations avec les femmes sont aussi dans ce mot de chevalerie: Les servir toutes, n'en aimer qu'une.

    Le véritable amour est éternel, infini, toujours semblable à lui-même; il est égal et pur, sans démonstrations violentes; il se voit en cheveux blancs, toujours jeune de cœur.
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Terminator Salvation trailer

Just take a look at that. It sends a chill down my spine reminiscent of the previous Terminator films. Ah, childhood, you’ve reared your lovely head and I’m glad to know that not everything from it is dead.

They’ve got Christian Bale [The Dark Knight, The Prestige] playing the role of John Connor and he’s got his gravelly Batman voice on. They’ve got a trailer that’s got all the little plot leaks that have been leaked out from the franchise over the years and hinted at in the previous films. And what a take on post-apocalyptic Earth and robots; the bleakness of it is so akin to that feeling in the Matrix. Oh yeah, soft spot for robots.

McG’s [Supernatural] directing it so that explains some of the darkness. Ignoring the mental meltdown that was Charlie’s Angels, he seems to be a good choice for T4 to turn out great.

It’s definitely looking smashing and everyone knows how much I love cinematography and shiny CGI. Mm, shiny.

Cannot wait. Please to be coming out on time.

PS: I have a bad feeling about what’s going to happen to Sam Worthington’s character. Please, please don’t let that feeling come to pass.


Brideshead Revisited (revisited) Trailer

The trailer for the Brideshead Revisited remake is out in HD but seeing as my Quicktime plugin hasn’t shown up for work today, I’m not going to link in a fit of immature pettiness.

Here’s the YouTube version:

Emma Thompson – Lady Marchmain
Michael Gambon – Lord Marchmain
Matthew Goode – Charles Ryder
Ben Whishaw – Sebastian Flyte
Felicity Jones – Lady Cordelia Flyte
Hayley Atwell – Julia Flyte
Joseph Beattie – Anthony Blanche

I’m a little excited. :) Hope it’ll be good…

Surf’s Up

So everyone was sick of animated films by the time Shrek 2 [not to mention Ice Age 2 and subsequent milkings of the cash cow] rolled out. It wasn’t trendy anymore so when Robots rolled around nobody was interested, Madagascar made a brief spark that entirely died for Cars.

Nevertheless this deserves all the chances that were given to Ratatouille and Persepolis.


Surf’s Up has some of the best combinations of character, dialogue and design that I’ve seen since the first [and best] Shrek. Not to mention all the unbelievable in-jokes; but then again, when are they ever missing?

Taken from The Age
Cody Maverick

It’s one of those typical ‘finding my potential’ films with main penguin Cody Maverick voiced by Shia LaBoeuf [of Transformers fame] and with a face and a voice like that, how could anyone resist that happy-go-lucky boy charm? My friend Jo said: “You can’t help but like him, just look at that face!” [I think she was reading Empire at the time]

Big Z, an example of one of the mockumentary style of animation used

The film is a mockumentary/real-time mix and Cody is brilliantly self-centred, idolising and just plain teenage that he is so believable. The other characters are not to be skimmed over either, each with their own quirks and personalities that the documentary theme does not fall flat.

Tank Evans, voiced by Diedrich Bader

Even unlikeable Tank Evans is so bland and egocentric that he’s adorable. Adorably stupid, but adorable nonetheless. And his little trophy obsession. XD Hah.

Others of note were Chicken Joe [gosh, Jon Heder is bloody perfect for this,] Rob Machado & Kelly Slater [voiced by their real-life selves and sort of looking like them too…] and Big Z/Geek [Jeff Bridges.] Even that generic female interest – Lani [Zooey Deschanel] – was a little less than generic.

And my favourite? The Japanese and the Aussie surfer penguins [‘voiced’ by Tatsuhi Kobayashi and Rory Nubbins, respectively.] Haha, Rory Nubbins was such a bogan!

The cinematography? Pretty damn close attention to detail EVERYWHERE. And I mean small things like textures of shadows and colour of the sunset through the waves and OH MY GOD the water! [And I hear that that’s really hard to do so that it looks real] And the detail! So much detail! I swear I tried to stop blinking because I knew I’d miss that immaculate attention to details of facial expression and ‘unnoticeable’ action in the background that – yet again – stressed the human-like characteristics and the ‘realness’ of the documentary.

Go see it. Don’t expect something to tell your progeny of in years to come but it’ll definitely be worth your time and better than hoping that they’d stop with this whole animation business.

The Dark Knight trailer

Original post: 19th December 2007


Batman, I think, is turning out to be one of the better-made Marvel comic cum films. Batman Begins was a visual spectacular (although I’m not so sure about the ninjas – but then again that was in the original comics so who am I to gripe?) and The Dark Knight looks to be equally as good. Who would have thought that Heath Ledger would make a good Joker?

I’m also a little impressed by whoever wrote this line:

Some men aren’t looking for anything logical. He can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

It’s true though, isn’t it?